Tut - Adding Closed Captions to video that has a seekbar

Hey Everyone,

I am new to Storyline and after researching for a week or so I could not find an all in one solution on how to add CC to a video, have the CC sync to video and provide a way to toggle CC on and off.

The challenge was that I needed a way to scrub through the video. The problem with that is when you add a play bar through the video tools options, the video playbar and the slide timeline are separate entities and when you seek through the video playbar the CC would not sync because it is synced to the slide timeline, not the video playbar.

I have found a solution to the problem. I will attach a screenr on how I did this along with a link to the original CC tutorial (which was very helpful, Thanks Tom!)

I apologize if there is already a solution like this in existence. In my research I could not find one. I hope this helps someone in need.

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