Tutor review of student answers

Hi folks

I'm creating an online section of a blended learning course and have been asked if tutors can review the responses that the students make.

The course is set up so that discussion points are added to a free form slide, with no right or wrong answer; a model answer is displayed after they have clicked submit. However, the tutor would like to see the response the students entered to check learning and inform the next classroom session.

Currently we use this on-line classes as a SCORM package on our Moodle site.


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Katie Riggio

Greetings and good question, Molly!

Storyline only sends quiz data to an LMS. Here's what gets communicated:

Now, that doesn't mean your interaction needs to look like a quiz. With your example, you can create or convert an existing slide into a Hotspot question that will submit the learner's choice. Then, add a results slide with a trigger to 'Submit results' to get learners' response(s) to an LMS.

Let me know if that helps! Happy to chat further.