Tutorial – Automatically Add JavaScript to Published Courses

JavaScript is the most powerful programming language in the world, and everyone can run it on pretty much every server in every environment. With Rapid authoring tools like Storyline and some JavaScript know-how, the possibilities are endless.

In this tutorial video, I propose a workaround, and provide a little "JS" plugin/setup that you can use in Storyline to increase the speed with which you implement JavaScript within your Storyline courses.

- Nick (  @nick_shelton |  @nickdoesstuff |  nickdoesstuff.com )

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Dan Shepard

Hi Nick, thank you for sharing the might of JavaScript in StoryLine.

Question: can I use JS to resize an object (circle for example) based on the input value captured from the numerical input object?  for instance in the numerical input the user enters 20 and the initial varMyCircleDiameter = 15 to have it resize upon clicking on a submit type of button or exiting the input object?

Many thanks,