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I am starting using Storyline and I am getting to know this tool. Recently I followed this tutorial https://community.articulate.com/series/41/articles/allow-learners-to-choose-an-avatar-using-one-variable But I am afraid  I have not managed to get the final expected effect. Although I have followed every instructions strictly, I can not switch from one avatar to the other.  Any clue what I have missed? Does any one come across similar difficulty?

Thank you very much in advance for help/advice.

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Nick S

Hi Dominique.  

Looking at your screenshots, your setting definitely all look to be correct there.  I ran through this same tutorial also and the characters are switching perfectly when I preview.  Would you be able to attach your full .story file for your project to this thread as well?  I can try taking a look into the settings directly in your Storyline file and see if I can help out.  

Walt Hamilton

I agree with Nick.  Looking at the screenshot, it would appear that the problem is elsewhere. I would guess it is in the triggers that use these variables to change the avatars. If you don't know where the exact problem is, it will get you faster results if you attach your .story file, and someone here looks at it.

Nick S

Dominique, it doesn't look like the attachment made it into the thread.  You may need to attach it using the "Add Attachment" link in the reply box.  Thanks for the input Michael!  You may be on to something there.  It looks like you're possibly referring to the thread Here on the states.

If you attach your file Dominique, one of us would be happy to take a look and see if anything else stands out.  

Dominique Pascal-Francois


Actually, it was due to state of language: I have first created this story file in French, then switch to English before sending it to you.
As suggested by Michael, I have made the appropriate change, now it works!
Thank you very much to all of you for your help!

Best regards,

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