Tutorial for changing button state if a section has been viewed?

Oct 29, 2012

Greetings...enjoying Storyline immensely.

I was wondering if there are any tutorials for changing the state of a button to show that a section (scene) has been completely viewed?

I want to change the button on the first (menu) page at the beginning of the course to show that a section has been completed by the viewer.



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Bruce Graham

Hi Jeff,

Have a look at this .story file, which does what you want (I think...), and which might help you decipher the steps necessary.

It is slightly different from the solution suggested by Adrian.

I have always used a custom button for this operation rather than Visited, as Visited can cause the button state to change a split-second before SL actually moves to the next area you want to view, which is "sub-optimal" if the state is very different, for example - has a "check-mark" over the menu button.

Hope this helps.


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