Tutorial Marking as Complete in LMS Immediately After Launch

Hi everyone, 

I have a problem with the tutorial marking as complete immediately after launching in the LMS. I'm not sure what is wrong and hoping that someone might be able to help me troubleshoot. The file has a "Mark Course Complete" trigger that cannot be accessed until the end of the tutorial. I took screenshots of the publishing settings. I did have the reporting and tracking set to Passed/Incomplete but just changed it to Complete/Incomplete. Could this be what is causing the issue? Many thanks for your help! -Amy

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Amy Hamman

We have a system admin.

I think, though, that we just strong armed it into working. This is what I changed: 1. on the reporting and tracking (when publishing), I changed to Complete/Incomplete instead of Passed/Incomplete and 2. I removed the Mark Complete trigger on an object and changed it to Mark Complete when timeline starts on the slide. 

I'm not sure why that worked, since the problem was that it was marking complete as soon as it launched, but I'll take it!