Tutorials Not Appearing at Start Screen

Hi All

This is a minor point. But as a result of a recent Windows 7 update, when I start up Storyline, it tells me that I am not connected to the internet, so the tutorials etc. do not show up. However, when I preview etc. it connects to the internet fine. 

I know that this is a result of a Windows 7 update, because when I rolled my system back to get around the font issue many of us are currently having (discussed here: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/22767/125369.aspx#125369), the start/welcome screen was showing fine. 

Does anyone have any idea which update is causing this, and why? As I said, minor point ... but it is bugging me some what. Like Goldilocks, I like everything to be just right!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi James,

I had the same issue with fonts that was coming from the update you mentioned and I removed it. However, I'm not running into the same issue with the tutorials on the splash screen. They seem to be showing up fine. You might want to share this information with our tech team so we can take a look at it and figure out what other update may be causing this.

Thanks for the information James!


James McLuckie

Thanks, Christine. Yes, I figured the issue wasn't related to that exact font update, as by isolating that particular update and removing it it solved the font issue, but not the splash screen issue.

I shall share the information with the tech team, as advised. 

Thanks again for the reply.