Tutorials on Freeform Motion Paths

Sep 27, 2020

I can't seem to find any information on Freeform motion paths and how to create and edit them.

When I attempt to draw one I see a blue line, but then it disappears and I have no way to select it or see where it is. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Jeni,

To create a freeform motion path:

  1. Select Add Motion Path
  2. Select Freeform Path
  3. Click on your object for your starting point
  4. Click where you want the object to move to
  5. Click additional move to points
  6. On the last point, double click to end the motion path.

When you click away, you will see a faded dotted line showing where the motion path.  If you want to edit the motion path, you have to re-create it. 

To recreate it, start by clicking on the motion path line to re-select it. Then you can either press delete to delete the motion path, or select Path Options and then select Change Freeform. Change freeform only allows really allows you to start over, so I find it easier to just delete the path, and draw it again.

Here is a quick video that I hope will help.


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