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Hello Storyliners!

I am looking to insert a Facebook and Twitter post button into my Storyline exercises on the results page. When the user presses this button, the user's score is posted to their FB/Twitter account. Also, on this FB/Twitter post, a link to my site is included so that new users can come and check out the my content. 

I have included two images of what I am trying to explain above (FB/Twitter button on Storyline and the post in the user's Facebook feed).

Jesse (I forgot his last name) posted something similar to this a few weeks ago, but I decided to add another post in hopes that this would drum up some more activity.

Thanks everyone!


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Avery William

So if I were to describe this to a programmer, would this be accurate:

I would like to have a button on the result slides of my Articulate Storyline exercises which automatically transfers a user's score to her Facebook and/or Twitter feeds. The post will include a standard explanation (Avery Jones just scored a 100% on Zuub's Vocabulary 1 exercise) and a link to the homepage of my site. This button needs to work for all major browsers and all major platforms (iPad, Mac, PC and Android). The fix will probably need a javascript trigger and variables for login details. Web objects could be another solution but the score might not be passed through to the feed. 

Since I am not a programmer, I am trying to explain this as clearly as possible. How did I do? How much would something like this cost to make? Does anyone know someone who might be able to do this for me?

Thank you Phil and any other Storyliners willing to help out on this!