Two Buttons Selected

Aug 06, 2014

Can you have two buttons selected on a freeform pick many? It only shows one in a selected state at a time on the page.

I am trying to get the learner to select either yes or no for question 1 and yes or no for question 2. I have set it up to toggle two variables (Group 1 answered, group 2 answered). This way I can ensure they have answered one from each set before allowing them to get a submit button.

The only trouble I am having is that the buttons on the page are currently set so only one can be "selected" at a time. How can I change this?


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Antony Snow

Hi Kate,

Without seeing your slide, it's a little hard to understand why you are seeing this behaviour. However, it sounds like your buttons may have been added to a button set (which only allows one object per set to be selected at any one time).

If you select all of your buttons and then right-click, you will see a list of options. Hover over 'Button Set' and make sure that '(none)' is selected.

If '(none)' is already selected, would you be able to upload the slide here so we can take a closer look?

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