Two Drag Images for Multiple Drop Zones

Hi All!

I have researched this a bit and I am still not sure I am able to figure this out.  I have attached a picture of what I am trying to accomplish. Basically, I have two "draggers" with multiple correct / incorrect options.  The problem I can't seem to solve is that when a learner moves one of the markers to the correct drop target, I need it either to bounce back to it's original place or be resued in some way for the other questions.  I am hoping to turn each of the questions into a "drop correct" state so the learner knows they don't need to try to place the marker on one of those questions again.  Does anyone know how to reuse or have a dragger reappear in its original spot for it to be used again? Please let me know - thank you!!! 

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Nathan Rightmer

Thanks for your response Wendy.  The issue I am having is that I need to REUSE the two draggers for all 6 of the drop zones.  The way I have it currently setup is that once one of the draggers is placed on one of the drop zones (whether it is correct or not) the dragger needs to move back to its original spot to be reused until all of the questions have had at least one attempt of answering it correctly. 

Nathan Rightmer

Hi Wendy,

This is working well so far. The only issue (while minor) is that when I use a motion path to move the dragger back to its original destination, you can physically see the dragger being moved along the motion path back to its spot. Any idea of how I can "hide" this movement so it looks like the dragger just reappeared in its original spot as opposed to being moved there by a motion path?

Jerson  Campos

Hi Nathan,

I've done something similar to this. I had to create a single App Icon that could be dragged and dropped on multiple devices and OS. The way I did this was to not create it as a drag and drop and instead created it as a pick many question. 

I know it sounds confusing, but this would be the easiest method.

Since you already have you're slide designed,  create 5 more instances of each of the icons for a total of 6. Place them on top of the other icons. (name them Obj_Icon_1, Obj_Icon_2, etc or something easy to follow)

Add a drop correct state and drop incorrect for each of the question objects that the icons have to be dropped on. They don't have to look any different. These are used later on for the triggers. 

Then add 6 shapes to the slide.  Doesn't matter what ( I usually choose circle or square), but make them small and line them up however you want so that you can see them on the screen.  These are only for visual ques, you will move them off screen later on. Add a select state for each. Each of these shapes represent the objects that are the icons are being dropped on. Name them something easy to follow. (Que_1, Que_2)

Go ahead and convert the slide to a free form pick many. On the form view, select each of the shapes (Que_1, Que_2,..) you created earlier to make them the "correct answer".

Now you need to add the triggers. Lets say the first question object you have "How difficult is this task to perform?" needs a subjective icon dropped on it. For each of these icons, add a trigger that changes the state of this question object to "drop correct" state. And for the objective (wrong) icon, add a trigger that changes it to the "drop incorrect" state.  Now do this for all the other question objects.

Once you have done that, now you need to add triggers to the submit button.  You need to add a trigger to shape 1 (or whatever you named it). This shape will be in place of the question object 1. Add a trigger to shape 1 that when the submit button is clicked, to change the state to selected IF question object 1 equals to "drop correct". Move this trigger above the submit interaction trigger (IMPORTANT). Do this for all the other shapes and question objects. 

Overall, all you are doing is instead of the user actively clicking on the pick many shapes, you are selecting them  through triggers if the user has drop the icons in the correct spots. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this. 

Nathan Rightmer

So I think I have this almost right...the only problem I am facing now is that the learner does not have to get the answer right (or drop correct state) to move forward to the next slide.  We just want them to attempt to answer each question. I was trying to set this up so a layer would show every time the user clicked the next button before attempting to drop each dragger onto a target.

Any ideas of how I can allow the learners to progress forward as long as they just attempt to get the answers right??

I have attached my storyline file for review. Thanks! 



Nathan Rightmer

Hi Jerson-

If you can see on my slide, I am actually indicating by drop correct/incorrect states on both the drop targets and the actual caption bubble (where the question is typed out) whether their attempt was right or not.  If it is wrong, the caption bubble will change to a drop incorrect state that will tell them why it was wrong. If it is right, both the drop target and the caption bubble will let them know it's right. 

Jerson  Campos

If the user has to attempt to answer all the questions on there, the best method would be to add a trigger with conditional statements.

Something like this

Show layer when user clicks next 
IF Question 1 state equals Normal
OR Question 2 state equals Normal
OR  rest of them.

You want to use the OR condition because it will check if any of the questions or normal (not attempted) and will show the feedback layer.

You also need this trigger to actually go to the next slide if they have all been attempted.

Show layer when user clicks next
IF Question 1 state does not equals Normal 
AND Question 2 state does not equals Normal 
AND rest of them.

The and statement will make sure that all questions have been attempted (not normal) and will move to the next slide when the next button is pressed.

Nathan Rightmer

Thank you again Jerson. I am sorry I keep taking up so much of your time. I tried your suggestion and while it does show the layer "must attempt to answer all the questions before you proceed," I still can't get it to allow learns to progress when all of them have been attempted. The layer just keeps popping up. I wonder if it has something to do with triggering to a "normal" state?? Anyways, here are the triggers I implemented just in case I did something wrong. Thank you!

Jerson  Campos

Ok,  I think I remember an earlier issue I had with this where the "not equal to" condition wasn't working like it should. Not sure if Storyline is aware of this, but they can look at your file and see the issue.

Here is what i did. I created a new state for each question called "not_attempted" and made this the default state.  Then I changed the trigger for the next slide to " equal to - not_attempted". It works now.

Jerson  Campos

I'm not sure why it's still going to the next slide if the conditions are not met.  I changed it up a bit.  I added 6 T/F variables, one for each question. I added triggers that would change these variables to true when the next button is clicked if that question for that variable was equal to "drop correct" or "drop incorrect". I changed the next slide trigger so that it can only move to the next slide if all variables where true and it works.