Two interactions in one

Jun 13, 2012

Hi all,

I want to have a slide with two interactions:

Interaction 1: user clicks a character to display a question

Interaction 2: User answers a drag and drop quiz based on that question

Can I do this using layers (so that I can display the click a question and the quiz on one screen/slide?)

Ideally I'd like to have the user ask more than one question and then take them to the right quiz


Best wishes,


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Jill McNair

Hi Fiona,

You should be able to do what you are proposing.  I would first convert the base layer to a Freeform Drag and Drop question (look under the Insert tab - third icon from the left) - then you can set up your drag and drop as you want.  The character can be on the main slide and her different questions can be on layers triggered the way you decide.  

Give it a try - and if you are having any problems with it - post the file here.  

Fiona Quigley

Thanks for the reply Jill - just must be my understanding of the base layer. Isn't the baselayer = main slide. So what I want is the characters on the main slide, click each character to add a question and then show the question, with an option of then going back to pick another question.

Perhaps this is better done as a set of branching slides - which I've tried, but despite setting unlimited attempts, it only lets me answer each question once.

Fiona Quigley

Here is my project - it's just a simple list of questions now, where I am using a variable to add a tick mark to the 1st screen, if the user gets the question right. The variable is being set as true, but I can't get the tick mark to show against Q1 (only have question 1 set up for now)

Any help gratefully received!

Best wishes,


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