two languages in one course

i need to present an option at the start of a course where the learner selects their language.

the content must be available in both as well as the quizzes.

I realize that the player template options are available to adapt to a number of languages.

is it possible to assign different language specific player templates to groups of slides within one storyline course?

the result would have screens 2-30 using one player template (english) and then slides 31-50 using a template setup for french. I'm mostly concered about the labels on the nav buttons and default messages in the quizzes.


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Andy Nock

I've mocked up a simple example with two languages and not using the player. (The example still has the player outline, but not the next/prev buttons.) This can easily be removed by making elements transparent - there is a good tutorial on the site which explains how to do this well.  

I use different master templates to show the navigation bars. I also use different slide layers to show the different feedback.

Sorry not much more of an explanation here (heading off in a minute), but hopefully the sample will help. Feel free to ask any more questions and i'll try to reply when I get home.

Andy Nock

I've not used Studio, so unfortunately don't know how they did it in that.  Yes, i've used the export/import functionality for translations to test it previously (not yet for client purposes).  I found it to be good - although it did miss some data whilst importing.  Be careful with that - I didn't report it as a bug, but will be trying it again soon.  Yes, am in the UK.  have recently started a new job and currently evaluating the product for use within our company.

Evangelina Theobald

Hi I have another challenge. I would like to offer quizzes in different languages in the same course. The problem comes up with the report slide that send the completion report to the LMs. 
i also work with captivate and I have posted my concern . This is what I got. If anyone can elaborate in this I d love to hear how this can be accomplished in articulate

Katie Riggio

Hi, Evangelina. Happy to lend a hand!

It sounds like your course branches in several different language directions, and you have quiz slides in each direction that each finish with their own results slide. Is that right?

Each results slide will need to have its own set of scoring variables (typically noted by the 1, 2, and 3 at the end of each new set).


If each results slide includes the quiz slides from its own section, they should report correctly. Let me know if you see the problem during preview mode as well as in your LMS, as I'd love to dive deeper!