Two-part questions in Storyline with reporting

Is there a way to create a two-part question in storyline and report on the answers? I am trying to ask a multiple choice question (with correct and incorrect options) followed by a confidence assessment (very confident, somewhat confident, and not confident). The feedback is broken up into confident/correct, not confident/correct, and incorrect. I would like to do this using the quizzing templates so I can include the responses in the SCORM reporting. So far, I've only been able to create this interaction using true/false variables to trigger the feedback, but not as a "quiz" so it's not tracking the responses.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Adam!

Although it's not a built-in feature, it's possible to simulate multiple, graded quiz questions on a single slide using built-in features like button sets and convert to freeform. This tutorial should point you in the right direction, and I'm sure other folks in the community can share their ideas, too!