Two Part Quiz Answer not Updating Total Variable

Hi there,

I am working on a "Jeopardy" game, and my custom quiz questions have two-part answers. The user must answer correctly in both the left and right columns to earn points; otherwise, the points should be deducted.

The triggers on the Question slide are set to update the "total" variable that is on the main screen. However, when I preview the entire project, the "total' variable is not being updated.

To view the question, click the Bed Mobility for 100 button.  (I want to figure out how to make this work before I move any further.)

Clearly I am doing something wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Annie Jean

Hi Heather,

The trigger order is very important for actions to take place at the right moment.

You should put your "jump to slide" trigger at the end so the calculations are made before changing slide.

Right now, you jump to another slide before having added or substracted points.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Heather and Annie Jean,

Heather, this is very cool. Nice job! I have a question, which I"m sure you were planning to take care of, but I want to be sure I'm handling it correctly.

Condition with Trigger

Currently, the question (QBed100) can be answered repeatedly. To prevent this, I added a condition to the button trigger on Slide 1.2Home:

Jump to Slide 2.1 QBed100 when the user clicks the button on condition Bed 100's state is not visited.

I tested it, and it seems to work, but I've been caught up short before.

QBed 100 Text Variable

Also a 2nd question: I see there's a "QBed100" text variable and the default is set to unanswered. How are you planning to use this? At first I thought it would need to be used so the question couldn't be answered again, but it seems that can be taken care of with the condition above.

Thanks for sharing this!

Heather Marbury

Thank you Annie!  Glad to be here! 

Hi Rebecca!  Well, honestly, the first time I touched Storyline was in "Advanced Techniques in Storyline" at DevLearn 2012.  Other than that, this is my first attempt at anything in Storyline.  So I'm still trying to figure everything out. 

In terms of answering QBed100 multiple times, that as fixed with layers on the question slide. 

With the QBed100 text variable, I am trying to use that variable to change the color of the itinial button to reflect if the Learner got the question right or wrong.  This is what I want to happen:  The Learner clicks QBed100 and answers.  If wrong, the "Correct" layer shows, if incorrect, the "Incorrect" layer shows - I've achieved this.  THEN when the Learner returns to the main screen, the button QBed100 should be either red or green to indicate correct/incorrect - I'm trying to figure this out (probably the master slide).  Also, the user can click on QBed100 again, and either the "Correct" or "Incorrect" layer displays - I've achieved this too.

This Heroes community is extremely helpful!  This fantastic support is one of the reasons I switch to Storyline from another eLearning tool. 

I would not be near as far as I am without finding this post from another Hero:

You're certainly welcome, I appreciate the feedback! 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Heather,

Tx for pointing out Tim Hillier's post to me. He's one of the "smahties" here (if I may use my Boston accent). I guess I missed this when I was busy with a new grandbaby and an SL project this summer. That's really a nice start, your right. And I'll post that soon.

So what I was referring to was that you can click on the 100-point category and play the answer more than once, and each time you answer it yes, you get more points (or lose more points I guess). So my solution was to add a condition to the button trigger on Slide 1.2Home:

Jump to Slide 2.1 QBed100 when the user clicks the button on condition Bed 100's state is not visited.

And for the visited state, I added the word "answered" as seen in this screenshot (oops, hit attach button by mistake first); another alternative might be to just remove the 100 so it's sort of like in the old TV shows where the block simply turns around. That way you can't get to the answer more than once.

It looks like Tim has eliminated the possibility of getting points twice because of the variable he has set up to only will add or subtract points if the associated radio buttons, with the correct or incorrect answers, are selected, but his design is a little different than yours.

Purely Game Goals

I personally would prefer that the questions not reappear once they've been answered. Although, he DOES provide a visual cue (checkmarks and Xs) so you know those questions have already been answered.

Learning Goals

And the other side of the argument is that the way he has it set up Learners can go back and review the answers. Hmm. Let's see. Ah, you could do that do. Instead of the trigger I originally suggested, you could add a 3rd condition to the Final Answer button on Slide 2.1Qbed100:

AND Button 9 "Final Answer" state is not selected.

That way they could at least go back and look at the other choices; although you don't currently have them set up display which are the correct ones.

Correct/Incorrect Layers

I guess you have those on another "version" of your game? I don't seem them here.

Would love to hear more about how it's coming along. Good job after only playing at DevLearn. Yikes!

Tx for giving me a lot to chew on both development-wise and pedagogically!

Heather Marbury

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Rebecca!!!  Here is my latest version...  If you choose one character and then click "All Set" there isn't a problem.  However, when I click on several different characters prior to clicking "All Set" something is breaking, so I'm still troubleshooting that.

Otherwise check out the "Bed Mobility" questions 100, 200 and 300. 

The "Certification" button is a work in progress.  You can click on it, but it doesn't make any sense.  My goal is to have all of the questions listed and whether the Learner got them correct or incorrect (or maybe just the incorrect ones...  not sure yet).  In addition, the total points would display along with a "print" option.  This would allow for the Learner to review the scenarios with the Educator at their facility.  I know there is the ability to email the results, but for our circumstances printing is a much better option.

I have been making lots of additions/deletions.  In Adobe Captivate there is a library that retains a lot of unused junk...  Do you happen to know if Storyline does that?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Heather,

Wow! You've made a lot of progress! I LOVE how you've set things up with the correct and incorrect answers and the ability to go back and review. And marking the already answered questions with a different color.

Also the sound effects and visuals are cute the first coupla' times through. For me, after the first coupla', I'd definitely want to turn the SFX off. Not sure about the big red Oops. Might be OK. I do think the way the rectangle slides in to highlight the correct answer is quiet enough that I like it. That's all VERY subjective, though. What do you think?

I never used Captivate and don't know if there's a junk folder for unused stuff. I know libraries in general, for reusing things (which I do use a LOT in Camtasia)  are frequently being requested.

You might start another thread and ask that question. Also, if you get stuck with any of those things you mentioned, you know there's a great support community here.

Why are you wanting to select more than one character at the outset (I see what happens. My 2nd character appears to be hiding behind the first ). Are you wanting this to be played by up to 4 people?

Again, I really like what you're doing here and think it's great you're sharing with the community. I'm saving this on my end as you go along. There are projects in the works for me where I might be able to use these - if that's OK by you.

Interested to see next iteration. You go, girl!