Two quiz in one lesson/ course


Could you please help?

Please see in the attached ppt screen shot of my Storyview. 

Scene 2

2.1 slide Begins the first assessment which is drawn from 2.2 slide and results on 2.3  slide. After that learners are exit the course/lesson.

Scene 3

Now, I need to create a level two quiz only within the same lesson/course. As a learner I have already completed the first quiz and got my 'passed' or 'failed' results, but now I have ab option to move to the next quiz.

What triggers do I use to move from scene 2 to scene 3 to begin another quiz in scene 3? without disrupting learners results from scene 2.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Prudence!

I'd recommend using two triggers and a variable.

1. Create a True/False variable called "Quiz" and make sure it's initially set to False. 

2. Add two triggers on 1.8 Drag and Drop.

- One that says "Jump to Scene, 2 Untitled Scene, when the user clicks Next if the 'Quiz' is equal to True.

- Another variable that says "Jump to Scene, 3 Untitled Scene, when the user clicks Next if the 'Quiz' is equal to False.

It might be easier to share the actual .story file. Would you mind sharing it in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button?

Prudence Mdaka

Hi Lauren,


Thank you so much. Please find attached the storyline file for your further help. 

I would like to give the leaner an option to:

Complete quiz 1 (scene 2) , then either exit or continue to complete quiz 2(scene 3). 


What I also notice, if I delete a question in quiz 1(scene 2), it automatically deletes the same in quiz 2 (scene 3), I don't know if it is because I duplicated the scene 2 to create scene 3?!


Look forward hearing from you.




Lauren Connelly

Hi Prudence!

You're correct! Since the question banks are duplicates, you'll find the changes you make to one will affect the other. Instead, you'll need to add a new question bank.

I've walked you through how to do that here.

From here, you'll want to add a trigger to the Next buttons to jump to a specific slide.