Two simple questions about audio

Hi. I finally downloaded the 30-day trial and I started my project. But I have two questions about audio:

- I dragged an mp3 file into the timeline of my slide. Initially, Storyline displayed the waveforms of the audio in the timeline so I could see where the volume fluctuates and I could also see how long the audio file is. However, only a few minutes later, I am no longer seeing the waveforms in the timeline for the audio. I don't know what I did to change how the audio is being displayed in the timeline, but I can't figure out how to make Storyline show the waveforms again.

- I want the audio in my slide to loop. So I created a trigger: Play song.mp3 when the media completes. It seems to work, except there is a very short silence before it loops back to the beginning. Ideally, I don't want there to be any silence. Is there a trick to making a looped audio more seamless?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi D,

In regards to your first question, is it possible you added a trigger to the audio (you mentioned one in your second question)? That can change how it looks within the timeline where instead of seeing the waveform you see the title of the audio file. You can still click on the audio file to open within the audio editor and see the waveform, audio level, etc.

It sounds like you're looping it exactly as described here, but I don't know of any particular tricks or methods to make it loop more "seamlessly" in terms of a short silence. Does the audio play all the way through to the beginning and end of the file? Is there any silence there that can be removed to help?