Two Slide content overlapping in a slide

Hi team,

We updated our course to the LMS and have received errors, referenced in the attached image. What you see in this image is the content of 2 or 3 slides getting displayed on a single screen. This occurred on multiple screens for multiple people testing using different browsers [The attached one is from Chrome - Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)]. The issue could not be replicated in the next launch. Could you please provide insights into why this could be happening?


Note: The course is developed in Articulate Storyline 2




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Crystal Horn

Hello Vigneshwaran!  We don't have a known issue documented with slides overlapping in a certain environment.

You mentioned that the issue couldn't be replicated in the next launch.  Is this when you refresh the browser and play the same version again?  Or is this after publishing and uploading a new version?