two SWF file in one slide

Jan 25, 2015


I build a slide that has running SWF file

beside, I have a button that when the user click it, a new layer is open and in the new layer there is other SWF file,

The problem is that when the layer is opening the SWF at the baseline and the SWF file at the new layer is runing together

I try to set the new layer "pause timeline on the base layer" but it still runing together,

Does anyone encounter this problem?

Does anyone have a solution for that?

*I using storyline2

Thank you very much



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Kevin Thorn

Hi Revital,

Unlike a video file such as a .MOV or .MP4, an SWF is independent of Storyline's Player, i.e., the timeline.

The trigger to pause the timeline on the base layer indeed pauses the timeline but not the SWF. 

Is your SWF set to loop (repeat animation) or is it a single play SWF? Either case, even the trigger to pause media when the user clicks (button to show layer) or when the timeline starts (on that layer) may not work.

Since an SWF doesn't have states you can't change it to Hidden either. 

So, with all those limitations what do you do? A couple ideas come to mind, but it all depends on your context and instruction you're designing. 

  1. Create a shape the same color as the slide background and the same size as the base layer's SWF. Set that shape's initial state to hidden. When the user clicks to reveal a layer with the second SWF, change the state of the shape to Normal. This will *hide* the first SWF.
  2. Instead of a layer, put the second SWF on another slide and jump to it as a normal slide or a lightbox slide.

Hope that helps.

Revital tz



I have one more question about the SWF file,

Is there any way that the seekbar that I added to the project will affect the SWF file?

I look for somthing that the user can stop the SWF and continue after,

My SWF file is charachter animation that explain to the user all the informatation


Thank you


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Revital,

If you're inserting Flash files, their behavior with the player seekbar will be determined based on how you inserted them. 

 Here's how to decide:

  • If your SWF file is a movie that requires no interaction from users, you can use the Insert > Video > Video from File option, which synchronizes the video with the slide's timeline.
  • If your SWF file contains interactive elements, you will probably want to use the Insert > Flash option described below, which will play the SWF file independently of the slide.

With that being said, if you've inserted as Flash, and are restarting the slide - the restart of that will behave as described here. 

Revital tz

Hi Ashley

Thank you for your answer,

My SWF file requires no interactions from users so I try to import as video like you suggest but when the preview is running the SWF file is not runing

I look for a way to convert SWF file to WMV or something like that that may work better,

The seekbar has a big importancy for the user,



Revital tz


Here are the files for example

I cut the most of the slides because the project is very heavy,

I also add here my SWF files I put in the slides,


At the same time I also try to convert the SWF file to AVI or WMA file type and try to add it as video file

Hope you can help me




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