Tying a trigger to objects

Hello - I havethree characters on a screen with triggers set up to display their thoughts (change their state) when the learner mouses over them.  These hover triggers are set to restore so that the thought bubbles go away when the learner mouses away.  I also have a Next button set to Hidden which I would like to appear (change state to Normal) once all of the characters have been moused over. 

What recommendations are there for how to go about this with the cleanest "programming"? 

thanks in advance!

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Bill Harnage

Someone has a few screenr tutorials on something similar.. Maybe Brian Batt??

What you could do is create 3 variables - var1, var2, var3 - and set their initial value to 0.

Create triggers on each object that changes the related var value to 1 when they mouse over.  Then add a trigger on the Next button with conditions that checks the value of the variables using "and" as the connector to check if each var is set to 1 - "and" makes sure all vars are set to 1.   Once each var is set to 1, change the state of the next button to Normal