Typing course Template

Sep 17, 2018

Hi Everybody,

With all the examples on this forum, i was able to construct a typing-course.
Because im from Holland, the course is in Dutch.

I'm sure all of you heroes will find out easily how it works.

There are 3 slides, each slide has 10 assignments. If you want to change them, change BOTH Variables and Textboxes. 

The script calculates your speed in letters-per-minute. 
I also used javascript to get every single keyboardstroke and put it onscreen.

FYI: Oefen means "practice"

Niveau means "level"

Here's the course itself, the link to download it and mod it, is attached.
(I made some minor fixes to it. Level 3 Should run smoothly now)


My Big Tip for everybody considering using javascript: Only use javascript when triggers wont do the job. (it took a while to get it right :))

Greetz to you all,

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Robin Weggeman

Hi Ashley,
thanx for the reply.

Well ofcourse, just like everyone else here, i want to be famous for my skills and my help to the community. :)

Still learning a lot. So I share this project as sort of a payback. :)

I did only this weeks challenge (#207), indeed im currently looking into other challenges....difficult after seeing so many good examples.

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