Unable to access object of course not even from html5 output

I am trying to automate course which is developed by storyline. Now I am not able to get ids of objects/controls, text present on webpage. I am using Webdriver but can go for any tool which can identify objects.

Is there any way to set properties while developing course those can be used for identification in automation?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Santosh,

I just wanted to welcome you to the E-Learning Heroes community. I'm not  certain what you're looking to do, but it sounds like something not supported by us, so likely the community will chime in. If you'd like to provide a detailed explanation of what you're unable to find that will help out our community members. 

Santosh Vishwakarma

I am working on automating courses developed using Storyline tool. Now what all I need is to get content and controls on page identified by automation tool (I am using Webdriver which identify elements by their divisions/Ids/ClassName in html script).

Note: Firebug is the tool which allows to get such ids of object from webpage.

So there is no chance of getting such objects in storyline PC output. But IPad output which is in html5 also does not have object ids provided.

Now how should I automate such courses? Is there any other automation tool that supports and works for storyline output?


Santosh Vishwakarma

Hi Sara,

I mean to say I need to verify content (text) on each page with a external text (.docx) file using program. Here my point is I am not able to read text present on course developed by StoryLine using programming language or tool.

I hope I am clear now. Please update me if it is still confusing.