Unable to add screenshot as picture

I am trying to grab a screenshot in SL3 using the Insert>Picture>Screenshot option. But when I open the dialog to choose which open window to grab, some of them are black. Specifically, Chrome, IE, and parts of Outlook. See the attached image.

If I choose one of them to add, all I get is a big black rectangle.

Any ideas? Is there some security setting on my computer that might be restricting this? Or in Storyline itself?


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Ali Goulet

Hey Christopher,

That's an odd one! Thanks for including that screenshot here. Let's get that working for you.

First, I have a few questions to help pinpoint what's causing this:

  1. Are you working locally on your computer or from a network drive?
  2. Are you using a dual monitor setup?
  3. Are you working in a virtual machine on a Mac?
  4. And just to verify- does your computer meet the minimum system requirements for Storyline 3?

Keep me posted! ☺️

Christopher Borum


Thanks for checking in. 

1. This happens both locally and using a network drive.

2. I am not using a dual monitor. It happens right on my laptop monitor.

3. I'm not working in a virtual machine. I'm using a Dell laptop.

4. As far as I can tell, it meets the minimum  standards.


Ali Goulet

Hey Christopher! 

I checked in on your case this morning and just wanted to pop in with an update here for anyone who may be following along.

This issue has been reported to our Quality Assurance team for investigation as a possible bug in Storyline 3. Currently, the suggested workaround is to Insert > Picture > Screenshot > Screen clippings or you could also do Insert > Picture > Picture From File if the screenshot is already saved. 

Thank you so much for reporting this to us and for hanging in there while we investigate. As soon as I have any news to share, I'll be sure to update in this thread as well! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

This is still an issue in Storyline 3, but it seems to work normally in Storyline 360. We have an update scheduled for Storyline 3 in the next few weeks, so I'll look to see how it's working there as that update includes all the same bug fixes already release in Storyline 360.

I'll let you know here as soon as I can if this will be included in that update, and once that update is ready we'll share here too.