Unable to adjust or reorder the left hand navigation pane in slide view (SL 360)

Hi Community

I have just come across an issue where the left hand slide navigation pane has now made my slides go very small to be unusable and they are not now one below each other but are viewed mainly horizontally, making this navigation bar impossible to use.

I've tried dragging and dropping them below each other but that doesn't work, they just seem to snap to another location with a mind of their own. I have closed down and reopened SL and it is still the same.

To say this is now driving me nuts is an understatement :-)

Any help gratefully accepted.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Adam!

When a course is linear (meaning Slide 1 > Slide 2 > Slide 3), the slides in Story View will display vertically.

If you have one slide that branches to multiple slides, the slides in Story View will display horizontally, or side by side.

Slides will also display side by side if there is no trigger connecting them. You can fix this by triggering the Next button to jump to the next slide.

Let me know if that helps!