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Leo Nellen

Hi Leslie,

The problem is (storyline 2) that the quiz result page is not showing all correct and incorrect responses before (in preview) and afther i publish. I didt have that problem with storyline 1.

Further info : I have 12 banks and draw random quistions from the banks.

Is this a known problem? thanks for the help :)


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Leo,

I took a look at your course, and after answering a series of questions and seeing the results slide, I clicked on the button on screen to review - and I'm brought back through the course and it indicated the correct response with the green check mark on the left hand side and it shows the correct/incorrect banner on the bottom of the quiz slides. The slides are set up to "reset to initial state" and therefore if I answered correctly that is not being shown, so you'll want to adjust that to "resume saved state". 

Also, your results slide is only set up to track two of the question banks, the last two 2.15 and 2.16, so you'll wnat to double check that those are the only ones you want to try and report a score based on.

Please let us know if you need anything else.