Unable to apply slide layout master to recorded slides

Hi Everyone!

I have inserted a new layout slide into my slide master - it consists of a blank slide with a rectangular bar across the top and bottom of the slide. 

When I select a slide and try to apply the layout nothing happens. (To apply the layout, I do a right-click on the applicable slide, select Apply Layout and select the applicable slide). 

Got any ideas??



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Ren Gomez

Hi Rita,

Did you insert the recorded slides as step-by-step slides? It could be that the rectangular bars on the master slide are hiding behind your recorded slide.

If so, on your master slide, try adding a slide layer and add the rectangular bars to that layer. Then, add a trigger to Show layer when timeline starts. Go back to your recorded slides and preview the scene.

If that doesn’t work, if you’re comfortable, you could share your project on here and we could take a look.

Hope this helps!