unable to change the design

hi, i am really new to this but am following the tutorials and have started the second one. my problem is when i go to insert the blank slide - it picks up the design of the prior slide but i need it to be different while keeping the first one as it was. 

I did look for answers in the forum and saw a similar question although the solution didn't work from me - ie to right click slide and 'format background'  because the first slide had just a strip of colour top and bottom and i need the whole slide to be a gradient colour.

if it helps - this is where i am at on the tutorials so you can see what i need to do


in the tutorial he is able to just insert a new blank slide and then pick the new design.  In the tutorial the first slide doesn't change unlike mine - am i doing something wrong?

sorry if this is really obvious - i have tried to work it out but its doing my head in cos i cant seem to make it happen!


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Becky, I have not seen the tutorial but I am guessing he right-clicked on the slide and then picked layout and then picked the slide layout he wanted to apply.  Now the trick here is that the different layouts have to be setup in the slide master. So what I suggest that you do is edit the slide master and add a layout with the gradient that you want to use.  Once you have the slide layout set up the way you want go back to your project slide right click on it and select the layout you just created.

Slide masters in storyline work basically the same way as they do in PowerPoint.