Unable to close storyline

in the last two weeks,  i have been having a consistent problem where i cannot close storyline. i try with file close, the x,  and none work.  storyline simply crashes. it happens with all of my projects - not just one.

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled just in case something was corrupt,  but this has not fixed the problem.  so the only way i can close storyline at the moment is by using task manager to end the task.

is anyone else having this problem?  and how do we fix it?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Justine.  That is a really frustrating problem.  I ran into a similar issue where I couldn't close Storyline; it would just freeze.

I was able to fix it with a Repair (and specifically reinstalling by right clicking the .exe file and running as Administrator).

run as admin

But if you are having issues despite having reinstalled that way, please try the next step for especially erratic behavior in Storyline.