Unable to connect to the server android

Hi all, I've just published my articulate module done with articulate storyline 3 to articulate online. I've been trying to test the module on the articulate mobile player (version 4.1), however, I keep getting the message  'Unable to connect to the server'. I am trying to find the problem but I have the latest versions of every software and I don't know what to do next. 

Here is the link to the module with articulate online: https://norariceup.articulate-online.com/2389158672

Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nora,

Do you have a link to the course I could test as well? Also, do you know what build of Storyline 3 you're using? You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". The latest is Storyline 3, build 3.5.16548.0

If letters aren't appearing right, I'd take a look at the troubleshooting steps here too.