Unable To Force Course Restart/ Articulate Custom Report Data Omission

Jun 17, 2020

Hi everyone,

Despite changing the setting pictured below, Articulate Online still permits users to return to and resume courses.  I believe that this may be one of the main causes of Articulate reporting consistently omitting responses (especially problematic given that there are nearly 200 questions total split across two courses), shifting answers to another Excel row/ column, and/ or simply failing to register that a test was passed/ failed despite the user being shown a screen a cumulative score at the end.

The browser window is always closed upon course completion and there is no internet connection issue.  The problem has been replicated many times over the last several months by different test-takers.  Any advice on how to correct this would be much appreciated.

Course Player Settings

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Lauren Connelly

Hi J T!

I'd love to investigate further! To clarify, it sounds like the end goal is not to allow users to pick up where they left off when launching a course after completion. Would you rather it opens on the Result Slide or not open the course at all? 

We are happy to help once we grab a few more details to understand what you're seeing on your end!


Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your reply.  I'm honestly not sure which would be best because there was a previous issue where a course-taker completed every module, but unlike her colleagues, kept getting Incomplete.  We need to leave open the possibility of a re-take (this is required if any portion of the courses is failed) that starts at the very beginning.  The custom reports we pulled were confusing due to multiple attempts and omitted data.  I'm open to suggestions!

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