Unable to get the next button to work on a layer

I have a base layer and multiple slide layers.  I have tried to create a trigger on a slide layer so that when the next button is selected, it will show the next slide layer.   The action is set to show layer, the layer is selected, the when is set to user clicks or swipes, and object is set at next button/swipe next.  I create the trigger on the layer but when i click on ok, the trigger automatically moves itself to the base layer and it doesn't work at all.   How can I get this to work?

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Walt Hamilton

This is really difficult because the Next button is on the base, and all the layers are part of that base, so there is only 1 available Next button for all of them. It can be done, if you are willing to work hard enough. You have to track which layer you are on, and which one to go to next.

Use variables to track which layer you are viewing. Attach triggers to the NEXT button like this:

Show layer XXX when user clicks Next button on condition that variable whichLayer = XXX-1

You need a trigger for each layer.

Place this trigger on each layer:

Adjust variable whichLayer  =assignment  value (next layer number)


Personally, I think the simplest ways are the best. I don't use built-in NEXT. I create a navigation button that shows up at the appropriate time, and has one trigger. It performs the appropriate action, whether that is a jump, or revealing a certain layer.  If it is a situation where I want the user to have a choice, there is a place to click for each option.