Unable to hear audio when editing or playing in storyline

Apr 23, 2013

Hi, I have inserted mp3 audio files into my storyline slides but I can't hear them when previewing or trying to edit the audio.  Can you help?  Kathy Cairns

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kydon! I checked in on your case, and I see that Robert also had trouble getting the audio to play after it was imported into Storyline. Fortunately, he was able to make it work by using a different tool/app to re-record the audio and generate a new MP3 file. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any new information we receive on this bug!

Lisa Sandonato

Hello there -- I have a question that I haven't seen re: Audio - I am getting reports that a published course on our LMS is not playing Audio on only some slides. 

I created a course in storyline and recorded audio within the course itself (i.e. I didn't import files)  Published the course and sent it out to our LMS Admin who posted it to our online learning library - terrific, and no  feedback on the course as to player, user experience, etc... today however, I am getting feedback that the audio only plays on some slides and not on others --- All slides have audio - How does this happen? and this is not the experience of the majority folks who have already taken the course.  is there any way I can troubleshoot this with/for the user?  It doesn't look like anything is amiss in the course itself. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa, sorry to hear some of your learners are hitting this snag! It can be tough to nail down an issue that only a handful of folks are seeing, but I can try and help you find the culprit.

  • What version of Storyline did you use to create the course?
  • What browsers are the learners using?
  • Is this a problem you've been able to recreate yourself?
Lisa Sandonato

Hi - I used Storyline 360 - not sure which of the learners are using which browsers - either explorer or chrome, and I have not been able to re-create the problem - whats odd is that the folks that are reporting the problem are only having audio issues on certain slides, not the entire presentation - since there's audio throughout, it seems strange that they can get some slides to play and others not - all of the audio was recorded by me and all at the same time using the record feature within 360 -
Thank you for your quick response, too - I really appreciate it! Let me do some more investigation.

Respectfully yours,



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