Unable to hide base layer


For my quiz questions, I want to have a 4th layer (in addition to Try Again, Incorrect, and Correct) called Correct Answer. Even though I have set up this layer like the other 3, the Submit button is still active when the Correct Answer layer is active. I want the submit button to be greyed out/inactive like it is on the other 3 layers. I am at a loss how to make this work! Any help from the experts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Gene Rukavina

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the Trigger suggestion! I figured it out! Happiness. :)

For others that may encounter this same issue, here is I how I fixed it:

On my Incorrect layer slide, I have a button that says Correct Answer.

I added a trigger to that button: Change state of the submit button to Hidden when the user clicks

Problem solved!