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Archana D

Thanks for the help.

I am having an issue will license activation.

Its now on trail version.


I am facing an issue with the markers. I have added audio to the markers and when I published the file the audio is not playing when I click on the marker. This was working before I upgraded the SL2.

Is this issue for using trail version?

I tried publishing my previous project files. None of the files are working.

Please help me in getting this fixed.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Archana!

You should be able to choose to activate the software and proceed with your license. If you are prompted to activate each time, then this is something that our support team would need to take a look at and you can reach out here.

If you add audio to an interactive marker, you may find that the audio doesn't play as expected when you click the marker. This is a known issue. See this article for more information and solutions.

Archana D

Thanks for the inputs. Marker issue got resolved.

I am have a issue with the articulate license.

I have upgraded the software as per the latest version. Now when I am trying to activate the license it is not getting activated.

I tried to submit a case. My network team says that the subscription got expired and now we need to subscribe again. This is happening for 2 licenses. Can you please help me in getting this done. I am presently using trail version and it will expire in 7 days.