Unable to preview audio on timeline so I can add in cue point


I've inserted an audio file into Storyline and I want to insert text boxes in at specific times during the audio as supporting captions. I need to be able to preview the audio in the timeline so I can add cue points in order to ensure the text boxes are appearing at the right time. However I can't figure out how to preview the audio in the timeline, I can only seem to preview it in 'preview mode', so the timeline doesn't move along so I can add in the cue points.

Could someone help me with this?



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Pierre Jouan

Hello Gemma,

I'm afraid you're looking for this kind of feature :


But you can still move the cursor on the timeline where you want to check your sound and play (space or bottom left Play button) from that point.


Judy Nollet

Hi, Gemma,

As Pierre said, you can press the Play button in the lower left of the Timeline panel. That will play the timeline within edit mode, so you can add your cue points. 

This also let's you preview what's happening on the slide. However, as Pierre alluded to, the slide elements won't appear, animate, or disappear when you just click somewhere on the timeline. You do have to click the Play button to see the programming.