Unable to Preview or Publish since last Storyline Update


I'm running Storyline on a 64 Bit PC running Window 7 Professional with 12GB RAM.

Since installing the update Storyline has become erratic - I built a course yesterday which worked fine previewing and publishing. But today when I open the Storyline file again I cannot preview or publish and I get an out of memory message: 'Available memory is low - It is recommended that you close any unneeded applications and save your project'. I get this message even if I shut down the PC completely, restart and reopen Storyline without any other programs running.

If I rebuild the course today it will work all day with no problems - when I reopen the course tomorrow I get the same issue. I know this as I have rebuilt this same course 4 times so far...

I have followed all your suggestions including editing the Storyline file directly from the 'C' drive and deleting possible 'problem' slides from the course with no success. I have also run a 'Repair' of Storyline.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks & Regards


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Rob Colwell

Hi Leslie, thanks for your quick response!

During the weekend I did a complete un-install of Storyline. I shut down my PC and restarted - then I installed the latest version of Storyline.

No change to the problems encountered with previewing the Storyline file!

I have followed the additional steps including verifying that the Microsoft Net Framework 3.5.1 is enabled, completely uninstalled the Flash Player using the uninstall program, shut down, & reinstalled the latest Flash Player.

I am still at the same place where I was previously - Storyline works fine for a while - I've just been putting together a completely new course - and previewing after every edit - you get a bit paranoid after a while! So I've reached the 7th slide and added my content and now I can't preview again!

The weird thing is that if I copy all my Storyline slides from the affected file to the clipboard and paste them into a new Storyline file it works fine - for a while. After editing for a while it always gets to the point where the file cannot be previewed.

All my resources are in the same folder as the Storyline working file.

It's a shame that I have to do all this messing around just to publish a course - Storyline was working perfectly before!

I've submitted a case on this problem.

Thanks & Regards


Julie Collett

Hi - I'm having the same issues as well. I've done the uninstall/reinstall of Flash, repaired Storyline, uninstalled/reinstalled Storyline, and so on. Similar to the other posts, I can move my course into a brand new Storyline project and it will work just fine for awhile, but then it stops. I can't Preview any of the screens and when I go to Publish, it starts the Publish process, but doesn't complete - just leaves folder of template files on my computer. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. I'll submit a ticket as well. Thanks!

Graham Gordon

I seem to be having the same problem......when I try and preview my course, it seems to generate all the slides but the progress bar never finishes it's thing and no preview.  When I try and publish my course it seems to generate all the sllides and then just reverts back to the publish screen!!!!  I have reccommended Articulate to many of my co-workers........I hope that they receive a version with a fix to this problem.....