Unable to progress past Results Slide

Hi, I'm new to Articulate and I'm finding it pretty good to use so far.

I have a question I hope someone will be able to answer and hopefully it's a simple solution!

I have a simple Multiple Response quiz with 10 responses and 5 of the responses are correct. The user can retry the quiz 3 times before failing. Upon failing or passing the next page is the results page. I didn't want the users or passing score to be shown so I am just left with the Review Quiz button. When I click on the Review Quiz button it displays the reviewed results and I am then able to progress onto the next page. What I ideally wanted was when the user has finished the quiz the Results page would automatically load the Reviewed Results. I managed to achieve this by using the trigger below.

The problem I have is that once the reviewed results are loaded I am unable to use the back or next buttons to move in the module.

Any ideas guys?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil and welcome to Heroes!

I'm glad you're enjoying Storyline so far. I'm having a difficult time understanding your set up - and I'm curious if you could share the .story file here with us so that we could take a closer look at what's happening? You can attach it using the paper clip icon and the forums have around a 20 mb upload limit.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil,

Thanks for sharing the file here with us. Based on what you have set up, the 2nd slide titled "Results slide" is automatically bringing the user back to review the quiz (slide 1.1) with the trigger "Review results 1.2 Results slide when the timeline starts". Because of this, you get stuck in a look - as everytime you visit the results slide that will be the first trigger executed and you'll never be able to pass that point. You'll need to include the review button and allow the user to review the course when clicking on it to allow them to bypass that slide. If you don't want them to go past the results slide until they reviewed it, what about placing conditions on the "Review" button?

Check out this updated version of your course.

Barb Erfurt

Thanks for this useful sample.  I seem to be caught in a loop on the results slide as well.  I want the review option to be available to students, but not be mandatory.  So, I have a review button in place, then I added a separate CONTINUE button triggering a different scene, which they SHOULD be able to click to bypass the review.  I can't make it work.  I'm trapped on the results slide.

Thanks for any help,


Christie Pollick

HI, Barb -- Sorry to hear that issues persist. If you would like to work directly with our Support Staff, you are welcome to submit your case using this link. Those folks will be able to dig a little deeper into what might be causing the issue you are seeing. You are also welcome to attach your file here and we can take a look for you, as well.