Unable to Publish

Dec 28, 2020

I have been working on a fairly large file (although not the largest I've worked on successfully) and I'm consistently unable to publish. I'm attaching a screen of the error I am receiving. 

I have tried everything. Reinstalling previous versions of SL. Rebuilding the entire course by importing slides -- I've spent a week on trying to resolve this issue without success. This is incredibly frustrating! Is there a known limitation of scenes / slides / assets for SL360? The issue may be with the temporary files SL is trying to write while publishing. I have cleared out my temporary folder but that has not worked either.

I have an intel i7 processor with 16 Gb of Ram. And while monitoring my resources, my task manager never gets above 55%. I have tried to work through support but have only received offers to meet between the hours of 10pm and 4am mountain time (my time zone). I would really appreciate some expert help. Otherwise I will be forced to let me client know that SL360 does not support the work we've been doing together for the past 4 months :(.

I've been trying to attach the file to this but I keep receiving an error (the file is just over 300MB). Hoping that posting to this forum will get me some attention and some answers.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Mary-Scott!

It sounds like you've been through the wringer to no avail. We'd love to extend to a hand!

First, great question: Is there a limitation on scenes/slides/assets in Storyline 360?

There isn't a hard limit on those areas in Storyline, but it depends on the amount of media used and the computer's processing power. So the larger a file is, the longer it may take to load and publish.

When I try to publish the attached file in Storyline 360 Update 47, the Publish window gets stuck on "Initializing." From here, I opened a priority Teams case for our Engineers so we can explore further. See you there!

P.S. You can access priority service through this link: https://articulate.com/support/contact/360-teams