Unable to publish content to word

Mar 23, 2018

I have a few courses I am trying to publish the output to word to supply to the client however when I publish the content and open or view the folder at the end of publishing no content is available - the output folder is empty!

Originally the file was located on the network, I have since created a new file and copied all the slides across, saved and published to my C drive.  I am still unable to view the content.  

I am using Storyline 3 (latest update) on a windows 10 PC - word is Office 2016.  I am able to successfully publish using LMS settings but not word.

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Ric Gauci

update:  I'm doing this on a new laptop running windows 10/word 2016 - so I deactivate AS3 on the laptop and reactivated it on old PC where I'd being previously publishing my course content.  I used the .story file on the network re published it to word and it worked fine.  The old PC is on windows xp/office 2010.  After publishing the file to word I tried viewing the content on laptop and although the file opened it was a blank 1 page document.  I went back to the old PC changed the file type from .doc to .docx and then was able to open the published word content on the laptop.  

I need to know how I can get AS3 to publish word as .docx as this appears to be the stumbling block  as I wont be able to use the old pc much longer, plus this is not a viable solution.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ric,

I'm sorry for all the trouble you've run into publishing your .story file for word. 

As you figured out, we always advise working locally as working off a network is known to cause some odd behavior ultimately leading to file corruption. You can read a bit more about that here. 

The publish to word defaults to a .doc file - but you should be able to open and use that while in Office 2016 as well? Please let me know if you can give that a try and I'd suggest testing on a new file that was created/saved locally vs. the existing file that may have issues based on the network set up. 

Crystal Horn

Hi, Ric.  Thanks for confirming.  I'm going to open a case for you to work with our support team on this issue.  I'll relay all the troubleshooting steps you've already taken.  You shouldn't have to go through all this trouble, so we'll do a deep dive to see what's happening here!

Look out for an email from our support team with some next steps.

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