Unable to report completion of Storyline 2 and SCORM2004 3rd Edition publsihed courses in Saba Cloud

May 23, 2016


I have published Storyline course in SCORM2004 3rd Edition>Passed/Incomplete.When tested on Saba Cloud, it is showing "Complete" and "Passed" however, it does not show status as "Complete" and does not move to the learning history. I could find an article in Articulate website to modify the Scormfucntion.js file (cmi.core.exit) when course is published with Scorm 1.2 settings. Can I do the similar settings in the Scorm2004fuction.js file so that it shows complete? Please help!



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Dave Cox

Hi Shivani,

Yes, you can modify the code for SCORM 2004, just like you can for SCORM 1.2. It just lives in a different file. To find the code for SCORM 2004, look in ../YourPublishedProjectFile/lms/SCORM2004Functions.js.

As for SCORM 2004 and SABA, I have not been able to get it to work very will with our version of SABA. Admittedly, our version of SABA has been customized a lot, and is not the greatest version, but because of these issues I've stayed with SCORM 1.2. So SCORM 2004 may work just fine for you.

The biggest issue that I've had with remaining with SCORM 1.2 is that the SCORM 1.2 specification does not specify how to export question text, so Storyline ignores this. I've added the additional code to the SCORM file to do this, and it now works fine for me.


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