Unable to rotate objects in a state

Jan 15, 2016

If i create an object, a simple rectangle.

edit the states, and create a new state, i am unable to rotate the object. rotate is grayed out:

What i can do tho is:

>click done editing states

>select the object

>rotate it



> edit states

>new state


>delete original Object from new state

>exit edit states

I now have a rotated state. But this seems an odd way to do it. Why can i not just rotate the object in the state editor?

Am i doing something wrong in the state editor?


I would like to add, that after doing the above steps, if you duplicate that state, the object in that duplicated state can be rotated in the state editor. really odd. as long as you continue to duplicate the state and not create a new state, the object can be rotated. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing those steps. 

As for your workaround and how it's functioning, it's considering the shape you're pasting in a new shape not a copy of the original from the normal state. That's why you're able to keep the rotation and further edit/rotate it while within the shape's state. 

Not being able to rotate a shape within a state is something that our QA team has looked into, but it currently is not possible in Storyline 1 or 2. 

David Jordan

Thanks for the response, at least i have a work around. Im not sure how to get to the suggestions page, but i would like to add a suggestion involving rotation: (unless of course i just haven't found out how)

The ability to adjust the anchor point for objects. Currently when you rotate an object it rotates around its center. I would like to be able to move the anchor point (the point it swivels around) so i could have an object that when rotated, rotates around a corner, or around the center of one of its sides, or any arbitrary point i choose.

currently to do that i have to extend the image so that the anchor point i want becomes the center, and then find a way to hide the extension. 

Stefaan Leleu


I'm currently testing a drag-and-drop interaction in which the original object needs to be rotated before it can be dropped in the correct position.

I've read the topics on rotating objects using states, so I created an object with 4 different states (0°, 90°, 180° and 270°) by duplicating the original object, rotating the duplicated object and deleting the original object.

I've made four triggers asking the object to move to a new state when clicked depending on the current state they're in. But somehow SL doesn't seem to do what I ask in the triggers.

Can anyone see what I'm missing here?

Thanks, Stefaan

Walt Hamilton

When you click on Bloc, the state is normal, and it changes to 90, THEN GOES ON TO THE NEXT ACTION associated with this trigger. It executes all the when user clicks actions every time a user clicks.

Since the state is 90, it changes it to 180 and goes to the next action.Since the state is 180, it changes it to 270, and goes to the next action. Since the state is 270, it changes it to Normal, and all this happens too fast for you to see.

I can suggest three solutions:

Create a dial slider with the bloc image as the pointer fill. I think this is less attractive, because it involves a fairly complicated explanation to the user, and allows a limited number of rotations.

Create four icons, and place them around the pie. Put a trigger on each one that sets the blok to the corresponding state when it is clicked.

The one I prefer (because it is most like what you have tried) is to create a numeric variable (Like BlokRotation). When Blok is clicked, the first action is to increment the variable. Since this is done only once each click, then the following triggers can change the state depending on the variable.


This method will turn the shape each time it is clicked, without limits.

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