Unable to run a Storyline file inside an e-Portfolio tool such as Digication

Hello Storyline Angels

I am wanting to upload and run / display an eLearning module within an ePortfolio tool known as Digication.  I have built and published the module using Storyline 2.

The crux of the issue centers around a couple of problems:

1. The e-Portfolio tool Digication will not accept a .story file for running in its media module.

2. Digication will only accept -  avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, swf, or wmv 

3. Storyline 2 cannot publish a stand alone file in any of the formats above.  Incidentally the online information within the Storyline web site mentions the ability to publish to Flash, but there is no mechanism for it in the publishing menu.

4. I tried to publish to Storyline Online but cannot access the SO link from within Digication.  It is not a clean pass through as i get an error message instead of the content file.

Does anybody have a solution or workaround for this problem?


Grayley McWatters

Graduate Assistant OPWL

Boise State University

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Grayley McWatters

Thank you Phil for the quick reply. I have hosted the file on Storyline
Online, however, I embedded the link within Digication, however, there is a
problem as the link will not run automatically. It appears to want
validation for access which prevents the user from viewing the content on a
'one click' basis. I am able to access the content via SO as the original
publlisher but not able to get the link to run seamlessly within the
digication tool. I hope I have explained it clearly enough.

I will probably need to seek SO support, if you have any experience with
accessing content as a public viewer then any assistance would be greatly

thank you again

Grayley McWatters