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Gillian Armour

We installed update as soon as it came out and now opening SL3 for the first time since update and files will not save. I get error message "not enough space on the disk" but we save everything to a D drive, not to a C and in all these years this has never happened or been an issue. I am at my wits end. What is the fix?

Becky Beyea

For the past 3 weeks, I have been continuously getting save errors that forces me to rename or overwrite (which creates a numbered copy) in the same folder.  Or it tells me another user has it open.  Which cannot be the case.  Please - is there any advice on solving this issue.  Several of my projects now have about 20 copies of the same course each with a different number behind the name.  I've spoken with our IT group and they couldn't figure out why it is happening only with the .story files and no other documents/files/videos etc. that I work with regularly.

Emma Bell

My team are having several saving issues:

1) Exactly the same issue as Becky above  

2) We also are finding we can't reopen the project again until Dropbox has fully synced which is causing delays

3) We are seeing conflicted saved copies of Storylines when we only have one person in the file at a time 

4) We are increasingly seeing messages 'file being used by another user' when we know we don't have more than one person with the file open.

Please advise how we can overcome these issues. Many thanks.

Ren Gomez

Hi Emma,

So sorry to hear these issues are popping up! As mentioned above by Crystal, this article covers the reasons why we strongly recommend working locally from your C: drive.

Try saving the file to your desktop to work on it, then load it back into Dropbox once you've reached a stopping point, or when someone else needs to take over. If you still find yourself running into these messages after working locally, connect with a support engineer, and they can help troubleshoot your file!