Unable to see the base layer objects in slide layers


I have a situation that may have a simple answer however I am unable to find it. I have a slide with four layers. The base layer is not visible when I view the slide layers. I have checked the properties and the check box that says 'hide objects on base layer' is not checked. The eyes on the base layer objects in slide layers are all open.

All the slides with layers in this course are having this problem. Is there a central control (that I may have enabled or disabled by mistake) for enabling or disabling the visibility of slide layers in slides?

Thank you in advance for helping out! 

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Jerry Beaucaire

You can only show one layer at a time.   If you want to have all 3 options on the screen, instead of using layers, use triggers to change the state of those objects to NORMAL when clicked.   All objects should be on the base layer together.  Set the initial state of the images to HIDDEN.

Jerry Beaucaire

So my suggestions:

  1. Copy all three pics to the same layer with the ? boxes.
  2. Set all 3 pics initial state to hidden
  3. Set triggers on each ? box to change the state of a picture to NORMAL when clicked
  4. Also add a trigger to change the state of the ? box so that the ? changes to a nice "title" word for the image that appears.
  5. Add a final trigger that makes the NEXT option appear when the state of all 3 pics is Normal.
Helene Federici

Hi Jerry,

I actually do this exact thing in another file. There is a base layer and 4
buttons. You click a button, the layer appears (the base layer is still
visible), you click another button, another layer appears. All 4 layers are
showing at one time and the base layer too.

In the file I shared with you, I can not even get the base layer to stay

Here is a video of me doing the thing you said I can't do.


Thank you,


Jerry Beaucaire

Hah, tunnel vision, that's what I have.  In the dozens of courses I've created, I've never even noticed the flag that lets you show other layers when viewing a new one!  It was cleverly hidden at the very top of the list.  *duh*

My world changed a little, today.  Thanks for that.

I noticed that the elements on the base layer are only one second long.  If you set them to "show until the end" of the timeline, does that help?

Helene Federici

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I did a version of your workaround before you replied last, so I didn't
look into it, but I'm having the issue again.

I checked the timeline and that is not the problem. I must be doing
something wrong.

Video -

Please help. I use this function all the time. What am I missing?