Unable to Show and Hide Layers with Triggers.

I'm pretty new with Articulate and I'm working on my first project. I am unable to show and hide layers using triggers after several hours of trying and going through the tutorial. 

I started by importing about 10 PowerPoint files into my project, one per scene.

I created a new scene from scratch to serve as an intro and menu. 

The PowerPoint slide image is displayed but does not appear on a layer and I cannot do anything what it as far as I can tell. It is the only thing that appears when I preview the slide.

The base layer shows nothing in it.

I am trying to hide layers based on the timeline and am creating triggers like Show Layer "Start Button" when timeline reaches 10s.  

I also created a blank slide in the same scene with two layers, each with a character in it, and a button that should show the second character when clicked. It also does not work. All I ever see is the initial slide.

I ran through the Add Interactivity with Triggered Layers twice, including the practice twice. It works perfectly. 

Clearly I've done something wrong here, any suggestions? 



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Mark Moore

Hi Wendy

Thanks for your kind offer. I made a separate file with just that scene in it. There's a lot of proprietary content in there and I'd lose some hide if I put the whole thing up. 

Oh, and if you could tell me how to get rid of the background city-scape photo that is appearing everywhere, I'd appreciate that. I stuck it in there when I was playing around thinking I could just delete it later. So far, I haven't been able to figure that out. 

Thanks for the help!

Wendy Farmer

No problem - you can also use the 'contact me' option in my profile to email privately if you don't want stuff on the forum.  Just to be clear I don't work for Articulate, just another user trying to help out...if that's still ok.  I'll wait for you to answer this post before I download the .story file

Wendy Farmer

Here is the first slide back so you can see what I mean.  Also the city scape background is on your slide master

View > Slide Master from there you will see all the slides that have that background and you can delete the background.


Mark Moore

Hot diggity dog. That fixed the main problem. They all do what I want them to do. I just need to stop the mask layer from going away when it's displayed but I think I can figure that out. 

Things are starting to fall in place now. I replaced some of the timed triggers with User Click on Start button triggers. 


Wendy Farmer

Hey I am not sure where your character slides are you are talking about.

Also with your start button you might want to group those images together and add the trigger otherwise depends if the user clicks on the blue button or the word start as to whether they progress.

I'll leave you to play now... shout out if you get stuck again