Unable to Trigger Submit button state with variables

Nov 16, 2020


I'm creating a slide where the learner has to select options from 4 drop-down lists. When the timeline starts, the Submit button is set to the Disabled state. Once they select any option in each of the lists, I want the Submit button to be enabled.

I've created 4 True/False variables for this purpose, with the initial setting to be False:

1) Dropdown 1

2) Dropdown 2

3) Dropdown 3

4) Dropdown 4

When the learner clicks each Dropdown field, the related variable changes to True. Once all 4 variables are True, I want the Submit button to become enabled. But for some reason, when I try this on the slide, the trigger isn't working for me.

Can someone assist me with this, please? Sharing the slide, in case it helps.

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Math Notermans

Basiscally its simple. Because you have your check on 'timeline starts' on the base layer...well that only gets there once...but at that point all variables are false.

So a few things possible... change the 'timeline starts' to 'variable changes'.. add a temporary variable you change on visiting or closing the slide layers...  

Something like this...

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