Unable to Unlock Menu Navigation

I just finished updating my course in Storyline.  For some reason, my navigation on the menu bar is locked.  I went to Player Properties > Menu > Menu Options > and made sure that the Navigation Restriction is marked as "Free."  It is.  Unfortunately, I'm still experiencing a locked navigation menu once I publish the course. 

I want my users to use this course as a resource and move freely to any of the sections whenever needed.

Can anyone give me any other pointers on how to fix this issue? I've never had this issue with any of my other courses.

Thank you so much!

Julie Holland

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

I'd agree with Bill it may be easier if we were able to take a look at the Storyline file, but you could also try resetting the menu to ensure there weren't any hidden slides or something similar causing the navigation issues:

 Also, please confirm you're working with local project files in Storyline. As working on a network drive or USB could cause unusual behavior. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Belen,

If you remove the slide titles and just leave the scene titles, users won't be able to click on those to navigate to the particular scene - so I guess in that sense it would be a restricted navigation set up? If you'd like them to be able to navigate to those sections while clicking, I would instead include the first slide from each scene and if needed rename it in the menu to match the scene title. You could than determine if the user will be able to navigate freely within the menu, or using the restricted/locked set up. You may want to review the information here on working with the Storyline menu.