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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric,

What happens when you try to use that as the trigger combination? Some keystrokes are known to trigger web browser behavior as detailed here.  You'll also want to make sure you're uploading to the web server or LMS to properly test the triggers as they may not work when testing the output locally as detailed here. 

Eric Favata

Hi Ashley, thanks for the reply.

It doesn't even allow me to enter the trigger combination in the wizard window. Everytime I attempt to use Shift+F9 it doesn't enter in anything... it leaves the field blank.

I understand the web browser limitations and I've tested other key presses on web servers and on LMS. All are working fine. 

The issue I'm experiencing is in Storyline when i try to use aforementioned keystroke in the trigger wizard window. 

Did you try it? Do you experience the same issue?

Eric Favata

So close Ashley - although that appears to work in Storyline (I was able to get it by pressing Shift + Windows Key + F9 on my desktop machine).... however, when published, the user would also be required to use the Windows Key for it to work. 

Unfortunately, that won't work for me. They are only required to press Shift+F9

For some reason Storyline is blocking the use of Shift+F9 - I understand it's a shortcut function to toggle the Gridlines, but I'm using other function keys such as F10 and F12 and both are working fine. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric, 

I don't even have a Windows key - so similarly I'd have to use the FN key to be able to use the F9 key (otherwise it's associated with the "fast forward" functionality for me). 

You may want to take a look at some similar threads where users were trying to access the function keys for use with triggers:

Function keys interactivity in Storyline

Using a keyboard key as a trigger

As you'll see in a few of those threads, the function keys have functionality within Storyline and as a part of a lot of browser behavior - and depending on your keyboard set up, you may not be able to use them without using another key to activate them.