Unable to View Package Published to LMS Using iPad


I used Storyline 2 to publish my package to the CourseSites LMS using the settings as shown in the attachment.

I'm able to view the package in CourseSites using a laptop but not an iPad. My iPad prompted me to open the package in the Articulate app. When I clicked Open, the iPad displayed the error message "Cannot Access Content - Articulate Mobile Player cannot access this content".

Can anyone help?

Thank you.


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Glenn Jones

Hi Peter

Do you need to log-in to access the content?  I'm no expert with the mobile player...but perhaps it's not able to see it because of that?

Alternatively, why don't you publish the course again but with the mobile player option switched off?

So long as it publishes with HTML 5 it should work on an iPad...assuming you're accessing the LMS through the browser rather than a dedicated app?

Personally, I never use the mobile player and have never had an issue viewing content using a mobile device (Apple and Android).