Unable to view Scorm

Hi All

Can anyone please !HELP! I have a customer who has no problem viewing and HTML 5 content with the exception of my Course content I have set my site to not use HTML 5 I have told Articulate to create Scorm without HTML support but it keeps saying they are unable to run the course because they don't have HTML5 installed on their server even though they do...

Please help


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

Just to clarify - you've set the course up to be published without the HTML5 option? If so, they will want to ensure they're using a browser that is supported for Flash and Storyline content as detailed here, and that they have enabled Flash in the browser (certain browsers such as Firefox disable it by default, and browsers like Chrome have their own plugin). 

Mark Otley

Hi Ashley & Christie

Yes I set it up with HTML 5  originally then disabled it as their browser said they needed to download HTML 5 all the time. As they are on a Server for a worldwide organisation they were unable to do this without global IT involved. they are also using thin clients to access my site.  When they tried to run the programme in IE11 it keeps telling them they need to download HTML 5 but I did not package it in the Zip I uploaded ??? Christie do I need to send you the Zip file I created?